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Kefi (κεφι): is a Greek word that has no direct English translation.

It is having joy and vitality in your life as an attitude. With Kefi (κεφι) you are confident, happy and connected in ways which are beneficial for yourself and for others. It is a word well known to Greeks as a feeling, you know when you feel it, it is on a soul level and embodies the spirit.

Kefi Chicks in your element you are goddesses and queens of your own life.
You are essential and vibrant in the way you interact and approach life.

So... how can you get your Kefi (κεφι) back and turn up the volume?

You want guidance, unconditional love, and wisdom from someone who has been there with programs that work.

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The Kefi Diaries

How do you get on in life when you have been brought up to be a Good Greek Girl? Do you recognise yourself in here? From a young age it was made clear to me about what a Good Geek Girl should and shouldn’t do.

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The Casimaty Touch

I am an ordinary woman of Greek origins, born in Australia with a deep love of all things Greek, well most things in any case. Life is a journey as we so often get told, at times you think I can bear no more, how can this continue? I lost myself somewhere between qualifying as a teacher in my early 20s until my early 40s when I was a wife and a mother who had lost all confidence and was living a life without Kefi.

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Refuel your Energy and Get stuff Done!

  How do you manage yourself when you feel flat and have no energy? You know the time when you have so much on your plate, you can't quite quite work out what to do first. I have had many times in my life when I have felt that I just don't have enough energy for what...

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You can ignite your kefi and radiate love and peace into your world.
You need this for you. It is possible to turn your life around in an instant when you show up and have faith and trust.

For quite sometime I felt as though I wasn’t happy with me. I had the best husband, great kids, good job and lovely home. Don’t get me wrong I was grateful for everything I had but I wasn’t happy with me. I knew I was living in fear and not achieving my dreams. I wanted to find my purpose. I had known Irini for a long time but it was a mutual friend that bought us together a few years ago. I was instantly drawn to her kindness and she told me she was a life coach. A life coach was the only occupation I had ever felt I would be good at but had no idea that I would be ever able to do it. But first I needed to fix the dysfunction I felt inside. After a few months I contacted Irini and started working with her. She was very insightful. I loved the fact she was a straight shooter but gentle when she needed to be. She challenged me and pushed me while supporting me at the same time. We did a lot of work together and now I have redefined my life and working with Irini to be a life coach. I find I feel more peace inside and able to help myself when I feel stressed! I have a purpose I am now working towards. Without Irini’s guidance I know I would still be searching.
Thank you Irini xx

Nicki Ottavi

Working through challenging times is always more possible when you have the presence of a skilled, mindful mentor. Enjoying the flow of life is also a richer experience with a mentor

Leah McKinnon

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I felt that the process was non threatening and simple and allowed me to gain the confidence to begin my journey of achieving my desired outcome or desired goal.

Irini enabled me to focus and to see my goals in a clear and simple way with excellent positive reinforcement. She took me deep enough and pushed me to think more about my situation so I can start my actions to achieve success.

She made me feel comfortable in a very short space of time and now I feel I have the building blocks to achieve my desired outcomes.

I recommend anyone who needs some clarity about their life to spend some time with Irini either at a workshop or in a coaching session. She is awesome!

Georgie Gregory

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